The family of a Negro tenant not far from Eatonton (NAID 521337)

According to Wynne’s report about 50 African-American families lived in Harmony Community. Of these, only one owned the land it worked, the rest were sharecroppers, renters or farm hands. All of the tenants in Harmony were black. Wynne noted that the usual tenancy agreements in the county were renting and the tenant paid cash rent for his farm; sharecropping under which the tenant paid one-half of his cotton and one-half of his corn as rent (the owner supplied work stock, equipment and one-half the fertilizer); sharecropping and the tenant paid one-fourth of cotton on cotton and one-third in corn and operated with his own work stock and equipment; and other variations. The study found that among black tenants, “all members of a family, except the very young, worked in the field” or helped to make a living in some other manner. (NAID 521337)

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