Updates from the National Archives: Twelve Years a Slave

Twelve Years a Slave, the theatrical depiction of the memoir of Solomon Northrup, has garnered much deserved media attention. Not since Alex Haley’s Roots (1977) have discussions about the depictions of slavery been so prevalent. The National Archives blog Education Updates has a great post about how the story of Solomon Northrup is revealed in our documents (The Document Behind Twelve Years a Slave). The followup post, Kidnapping Free People of Color, shares an account of the problem of slave catchers and kidnapping.

We hope you find these posts about American history interesting and informative.

3 thoughts on “Updates from the National Archives: Twelve Years a Slave

  1. Thank you for providing these links. I’m am very interested in slavery and the struggles they over came in History. I recently posted a blog of my own about African Americans in History though the only comment I received as of yet was negative about understanding who it was that helped build our country. Still I believe that it was due to many different races but no other had to endure what African Americans truly did.

    1. Thank you for reading the blog! We strive to inform and encourage public interest in African American History with the historical records found at the National Archives.

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