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The bloggers include National Archives staff, students, and researchers interested in African American history.

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  1. Hi Candace:

    This link: http://www.archives.gov/research/start/online-tools.html should help you find the online resources available to help you in your search. There are links there that lead you to our three online databases as well as a link to the Guide for Federal Records which is available online and searchable. Unfortunately, Dr. Newman Ham’s guide is not available for review online. The Mount Vernon Genealogical Society has digitized some of our guide information online and has references to the Southern Claims Commission. You can find this information here: http://www.mvgenealogy.org/NARA_Guides.html I hope this information helps.

  2. Seeking FBI files on Holiness Pentecostal and Charismatic African American Churches with a special emphasis on The Church of God in Christ, founder, Charles Harrison Mason, Memphis, TN, 1907 – present. Also, seeking documents on Oscar Macke, 1922 lynching in Orlando, FL.
    Thanks very much!

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